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SVC 8621TI

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  • Main features SVC 8621TI


  • ۲-in-1 cordless upright vacuum cleaner with a removable hand unit
  • Absolute freedom of movement with no power cord
  • Light, quiet and easy to control vacuum cleaner offers a fast and easy solution to everyday cleaning of all types of surfaces
  • Removable hand unit for comfortable removal of dirt and dust from furniture, tables or car cleaning.
  • Very powerful 21,6V Li-Ion battery with a short charging time and long operating time:

  • Charging time 4–۶ hours
  • Operating time up to 50 minutes

  • HEPA cyclone filtration system
  • Rotary brush with an independent motor ensures outstanding results on any type of floor and improves the vacuuming of dirt from carpets
  • Nozzle with LED lighting easily exposes even the finest dust and simplifies vacuuming of darker places
  • Self-standing function for temporary placement and comfortable storage
  • Charging base for practical vacuum cleaner storage is equipped with an integrated accessory holder
  • Excellent control and easy maneuverability around furniture thanks to a 180° radius swivel vacuum nozzle and the low weight of the vacuum cleaner
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Battery power LED indicator
  • ۲-speed operation: high power, extended vacuuming time
  • Supplied accessories: crevice nozzle and dusting brush
  • Bag less technology, dust container volume: 0.5l
  • Simple disassembly system for easy emptying of the dust container and cleaning the filters
  • Battery type: Li-Ion 2,000mAh
  • Supply voltage: 21,6V
  • Noise level: 78dB
  • Dimensions: width: 273mm, height: 1,160mm, depth: 162mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • ۲۴ Month Warranty Bam Co.


  • Technical specifications
Ø  Bag less YES
Ø  Noise level ۷۸ dB
Ø  Power AKU
Ø  Wet cleaning NO
Ø  HEPA filter YES
Ø  Battery life ۵۰ Min
Ø  Charging time ۶ Hours
Ø  Bag/container capacity ۰,۵ l
Ø  Height ۱۱۶ cm
Ø  Width ۲۷,۳ cm
Ø  Depth ۱۶,۲ cm
Ø  Weight

۲,۴ kg

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